Forrest Mason

Forrest is an avid believer that all anyone needs in order to live a happy and fulfilling life is good food and good stories. We humans are social creatures and as such, storytelling is the substance that feeds our internal lives and helps us to connect the world inside our minds to the world around us. Living and working in Brooklyn, Forrest brings his North Carolina roots to the vibrant food scene in New York, developing content that straddles the lines between small-town Southern heritage and urban creativity. As Content Director, Forrest is dedicated to bringing your story to life in fun and engaging ways. Having worked as a professional line cook in upscale restaurants in Manhattan and for iconic publications such as Martha Stewart Living, Forrest is comfortable in front of and behind the camera and is able to draw from his eclectic background to make sure the best story is told in the best way. You can also find Forrest and his latest recipes and articles at his blog, The Saucy Spork.