Madison Hayes

Madison’s work centers around building vibrant, sustainable food systems that bolster resilient local economies. She co-founded the Refugee Community Partnership in Carrboro, NC, and designed its community-led food distribution program, a hallmark of local community-driven food access solutions. Madison supports young social innovators at UNC-Chapel Hill through the University’s central entrepreneurship hub, 1789. She serves on the Board of Directors for three local organizations, and is an advisor and guest instructor at UNC.

Prior to The Food Mint, Madison served as Executive Director of the Office of Community Outreach, Dissemination and Education at the UNC Center for AIDS Research. She was the co-leader of a nationwide coalition that plants and grows Community Advisory Boards at health research institutions. In 2014, she presented to the National Institute of Health (NIH) and other national leaders on coalition building between academic institutions and communities. Madison holds a B.A. in Mass Communications from UNC-Asheville (2008), and a certificate from Duke University in Non-Profit Leadership.