Theo Rodman

Theo will eat anything—including duck embryos, snail eggs, and goose barnacles. She believes that behind every “weird” bite is a compelling story. Her passion for introducing people to new foods led to her to work as an Associate Brand Manager at PRE Brands, a grass-fed beef startup. Previously, Theo’s analysis of sales data for an eCommerce startup identified significant new revenue opportunities and led to a fundamental change in business strategy. During her time at the World Bank she oversaw marketing and business development for Latin America. In spite of being the youngest in her department (and the only person without a master’s degree), she designed KPI tracking systems that transformed operations and directly led to $50M in new donor contributions. Through this experience, Theo discovered that she loves helping businesses grow.

While Theo is from Washington, DC, she loves Chicago so much that she holds two degrees from The University of Chicago: an A.B. in Economics and an M.B.A. from the Booth School of Business with concentrations in Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Marketing, and Finance. While in college, Theo interned for Booz Allen Hamilton in France. She continues to hunt for the next “weird” food to try.